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Marlboro Montessori Leadership Academy
Multiple Intelligence

Marlboro Montessori Leadership Academy is dedicated to providing the best after-school and enrichment programs in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The Montessori Leadership Academy for elementary students at Morganville near Matawan fosters an innovative curriculum based on the extraordinary principles of the Montessori Philosophy and the theory of Multiple Intelligence.

Multiple Intelligences

The Founder of, (J Bezos,) Cofounders of, ( L.Page and S. Brin,) Jacqueline Kennedy, and Julia Child are a few of the outstanding leaders inspired by Montessori education. (See Famous Montessorians.)
Critical Thinking Activities
Our students enjoy a wide range of benefits such as developing a high level of self-esteem and confidence. They gain a greater capacity for personal achievement which enhances their independent problem solving and critical thinking.

The dynamics of peer teaching & learning are incredible. The Balance of self-confidence and self-respect is amazing. Leadership begins here!
Problem Solving Thinking