Marlboro Montessori Academy

Extra Curriculum


Montessori education fosters the need for a child to experience their present environment, which includes their digital world.   We are aware of the prevalence, appeal, and potential benefit that modern technologies are needed for our students.

Our elementary students learn how to use technology as an educational tool with an experienced technologist, Ms. Grace.  Students work on iPads and use computer applications in class that augment their academic work.  Our goal is to help students develop a healthy understanding of the usage of technology to assist in the learning of academic concepts and creativity. 


Students explore nature and the outdoor environment during “Green Hour”. Our nature sanctuary and bird watching area provide the perfect opportunity for students to connect and explore nature hands-on.

Nature Study

Listening, singing, and performing are part of the Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Programs. Each class creates an annual show centered on a particular theme. Costumes and scenery add to the joy of the “class play.” Elementary students enjoy a more in-depth music program which includes helpful instructions.


Art is an integral component of the Montessori classroom. Exploring different medias such as painting, crafts, mosaics, watercolor, and simple pasting and cutting foster creative thinking and discovery. An exciting awareness of color, shape, texture, and aesthetic presentation come alive in the Montessori environment. Creativity is endless and loved by all children.


All of our classes, including the youngest toddlers, have Spanish every day. Our Spanish curriculum starts with learning colors, shapes, and simple words.  Older students have conversational Spanish with infusion, wherever possible. Miss Krystina, with Spanish as her native language, adds a great dynamic to her classes. See the movie below to get the feel of “Española ala Marlboro Montessori.”