​​​Marlboro Montessori Academy

Marlboro Montessori Academy "Goes Country"!    

A spectacular play performed by the Kindergarten and Elementary students.


2015 "Rock Through The Ages"

Marlboro Montessori Academy presents "Rock Through The Ages".   An excellent performance by the Kindergarten and Elementary students.  Student sings "Fireworks" by Katy Perry

Marlboro Montessori Academy presents "Rock Through The Ages"!  Elementary & Kindergarten students sing, dance and rock through the best years of music!  Student sing "Dianna" by Paul Anka.

Montessori Elementary Students perform

"STOP In the name of Love" by The Supremes.

2014 Marlboro Montessori goes country

During the cold winter months, nothing is better than waking up in your pajama and having PANCAKES!   An annual event that is so enjoyed by the Montessori Students.

Connecting with nature was the theme for Marlboro Montessori Kindergarten  and 4th grade students. They enjoyed their hike on a beautiful trail in Marlboro... What a day... Enjoy the show!

 Hiking Trip

Through The

Henry Hudson Trails.

Pancakes and Pajama Day 

Wonderful World

of Montessori Days!

What a "Wonderful World"  the students experience with Marlboro Montessori Academy

Continents Of the World.

the Turkeys go on strike!

Cast:  Kindergarten

Marlboro Montessori Academy Kindergarten Class starts the Holiday Season with an excellent performance of "The Turkey Goes On Strike"!  Special Thanks to Miss Regina, Miss Lisa and the Elementary Class.