​​​Marlboro Montessori Academy

Our Classrooms

The prepared environment is essential to the success of the Montessori Method. Each classroom is carefully designed to ignite a child’s natural desire to learn through exploration and discovery. Our classrooms are spacious, bright, and colorfully appointed with learning activities. Montessori materials are placed on open shelves which are available for the children to freely choose during work time.

Marlboro Montessori Academy has been educating students using the Montessori theory of education for the past 37 years. Established in 1978, our school is considered to be a pioneer Montessori school from the earlier Montessori movement in the United States.

Your child will receive the best education at an early age which they will benefit for the rest of their lives!  Check out our Montessori Alumni Page to see what famous people chose Montessori Schools for their children. 

​Stop wondering, and stop in to see the our student's happy faces, the extraordinary staff, and the beautiful surroundings your child will be learning in. 

Students learn to explore and enjoy peaceful beginnings each day at Marlboro Montessori Academy. The daily activities provide opportunities for students to achieve their highest potential, embrace secure self-esteem, and learn at their pace.

Our Curriculum

Montessori emphasizes learning through all five senses. Students in Montessori classes learn at their own pace; Learning is an exciting process of discovery, exploration, growing, excelling, and mastering. Montessori students love to learn, especially from the amazing Montessori teaching materials that are aesthetically placed on open shelves in the classrooms.

Why Choose Marlboro Montessori Academy

Student Life